Thursday, August 25, 2005


I wonder if Oracle is aware of the users’ feelings about the quality of support for TARs. I am doing everything to save myself from opening a TAR and dealing with it. I open a TAR, Support requests some logs and traces, i supply them. 2 weeks pass, i update the TAR asking for a response, they ask for more traces. 2 more weeks pass, again i ask for a response. Then look at what Support says:
“We have noticed that the logs you sent are missing some lines, can you upload all the logs available?”
This is where words end. Every TAR becomes a new challange to deal with. I do not know what Oracle is thinking about the quality of support.


  1. I think the only way that you can get Tech Support to respond faster is to claim that the problem is impacting your production environment.

    For most cases, it's a question of severity and criticality.

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  3. It seems that I am not alone, welcome to the club.
    (and don't forget to answer YES on the three checkboxes regarding the importance of your TAR)

  4. hmm. it used to be like that a few years ago. Then they picked it up ( the response time ).. I guess the manager left and the quality with it...

  5. Nothing much new under the sun. I too only raise a TAR (SR) as a last resort. They have now replaced the requests for logs with a request to run the RDA. Oh and make sure it's the latest version!