Wednesday, February 08, 2006

coComments to follow the comments

From Eddie Awad i have read about a new cool service called coComments. Tracking my comments and people’s comments after that has always been a problem for me. This service gives you a single page to see all your comments you made to all the blogs you read. You put a bookmarklet to your browser and click on it when you are making a comment on a blog. From your coComments page you can view all the comments and also the comments made by other people after your comment (of course if they are also using coComments). You can register at coComments site, it is invitation based, Eddie Awad’s post has some invitation codes for that, so be quick if you want to use them as they can be used only once.

If you are a blog writer you can also put a small code in your blog and show your comments to the other blogs on your own page. I have placed this above the links section on the right. And you can also get an rss feed that tracks all the comments from the blog that you comment on.



  1. I like the sound of that! Thanks for the head's up!

  2. Hi,

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  3. yes i'm also using the cocomments! and since im here on your blog decided to leave a note, i was browsing about oracle and found this place that puts both things together, but do you think that cocomments are using oracle technology? was that the reason you posted about cocomments, or just because you find very usefull, as i do.. cheers!

  4. I do not know if they are using any Oracle technology or not. I just posted this because i found it useful.

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