Tuesday, August 14, 2007

First 11G installation

I have finished my first 11G installation using Vmware Server and Oracle Enterprise Linux 5 and created my first 11G database. The installation is no different than the 10G installation. There are a few differences in the database creation. I have created the database using dbca.

When it comes to setting the SGA and PGA sizes it asks if I want to use automatic memory management or not. Using automatic memory management we can set a single value for both SGA and PGA and the database adjusts the memory automatically. If this option is not selected it reverts back to the 10G behaviour.

There is a new option related to the security settings. 11G asks if you want to use enhanced 11G security settings. This option includes settings related to password management and auditing. If you select this option it enables these password policies in the default profile and starts auditing these privileges.

There is a new step asking if you want to enable automatic maintenance tasks. By selecting this option you enable automatic tasks such as statistics gathering, automatic segment advisor and sql tuning advisor.

Other than these the database creation is like 10G.


  1. no difference?

    other than in required packages, O/S security groups and so on?

  2. Oh, you are right. Sorry about not making it clear. Of course there are changes in the prerequisites, etc... I just wanted to say that there were no changes in the installation screens, I mean after starting runInstaller.