Sunday, December 09, 2007

Hiring DBAs based on certification

There was a question in the OTN database forum recently which said:

" Can any one advise me? I have joined a company as new senior dba.

i am not understanding what shall be done at beginning?

Can anybody advice me how to check all the database and what to do in the beginning ?

I have been reading all the stuff,documents fr. a week?"

The same poster also said:

" I have all th knowledge of oracle,I am ocp certified.

But fearing at the beginning.

how to proceede as this is my first job as a dba."

This is what can happen when a company hires someone for a position like "senior DBA" just based on some papers called certifications.

How he claims he has "all the knowledge of oracle" just by getting an OCP certification is another story.


  1. In my opinion this is not related just with certification. This is also reated with companies interview policies. Most of them does their interviews with interview questions which can be found from internet in 5 minutes like OCP questions.

    There can be a real IT interviews with case studies and different versions of the questions for interviewing different approaches as an "engineer".

    There might be Hr companies which has part time consultans just for IT related interviews. Something like expert consultancy in IT related legal cases.

    I invented a new job area :)

  2. Yes, it is definitely true that the company has a problem in their hiring procedures. Especially hiring for the position "senior dba" someone who says this is his first dba job.

  3. I'm 9i and 10g certified, and I wouldn't go for a DBA job outside of my company. I trained up inside it , and i'm only knowledgeable in the very specific areas that goes with their product.

    I'd be embarassed to apply for a real "DBA" job elsewhere, I've been at is 2 yrs now.

  4. My name is Abida Arif, I am student of Humber College, soon concluding my Oracle 10g study, I am learning oracle with very knowledgeable professors. Very important for DBA is to be able to physically check the overall health of a database, just like a good physician.

  5. So the OCP certification is just a waste of time and money?

  6. I would not call it a waste of time, but I would not hire someone just because he/she has an OCP certificate.

  7. At least not as a senior DBA. Without any actual experience, only the OCP certification, he is still a junior.