Monday, February 04, 2008

Database version control

Coding horror is one of the software development blogs I keep a close eye on.

Jeff Atwood posted a nice piece about database version control recently. Database version control is maybe one of the most important and unfortunately most overlooked things in software development. The post is a good read including the links he provides.


  1. Is there any particular product you would reccomend for Oracle?

  2. Nothing specific for Oracle but there are several tools available, one being CVS

  3. Have a look at neXtep designer : a database development environment natively built around the concept of version control. It is a free GPL product based on Eclipse.

    Every database entity is under version control, you work in the version control repository, are able to synchronize your changes with your development databases, or to generate deployment scripts from any comparison of 2 versions.

    Check out the product at :

    And have a look at the concepts, overviews, and more on the wiki :