Friday, August 01, 2008

OTN members, don't change your e-mail account!

I am regular user of OTN and its forums. Last week I was trying to login to OTN from a public computer and I got the "invalid login" error everytime I tried. I was sure I was typing my password correct but I could not get in anyway. So, I tried to get my password reset and sent to my e-mail address. Then I remembered that the e-mail address I used to register for OTN was from my previous employer meaning I did not have access to it anymore. As OTN does not allow changing the registration e-mail address I was stuck. I send a request from OTN to get my password delivered to my current e-mail address. Here is the reply I got:

Resolution: Oracle's membership management system does not currently support
the editing of the email address or username in your membership profile.
(It will support this capability in a future release.)
Please create a new account with the new email address you wish to use. However,
it is possible to change the email at which you receive
Discussion Forum "watch" emails (see "Your Control Panel" when logged in).
They tell me to create a new user and forget about my history, watch list, everything. What a user centric approach this is.

If you are an OTN member do not lose your password and your e-mail account at the same time, you will not find anybody from OTN who is willing to solve your problem and help you to recover your password.

I am used to bad behavior and unwillingness to solve problems in Metalink, now I get the same behavior in OTN. Whatever, just wanted to let you know about it.