Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Applying Grid Infrastructure Patch Set 1 (GI PSU1) to non-RAC installations

If you are trying to patch an existing installation on a non-RAC GI (also called single instance HA) system be aware that some steps will be different from the patch readme or the documentation.

Here is what I experienced.

The documentation for Grid Infrastructure 11.2 states that if you want to upgrade from to you need to apply some patches first.

"To upgrade existing Oracle Grid Infrastructure installations to Oracle Grid Infrastructure, you must first do at least one of the following:

  • Patch the release Oracle Grid Infrastructure home with the 9413827 and 9706490 patches.
  • Install Oracle Grid Infrastructure Patch Set 1 (GI PSU1) or Oracle Grid Infrastructure Patch Set 2 (GI PSU2)."
If you choose to apply GI PSU1 and follow the README there is a section that tells you to prepare the GI home.

"2.2.5 Prepare GI home for patch

      As an owner of Oracle GI home software owner, run the command:
      %/bin/srvctl stop home -o -s -n "

When I ran this on a single instance system I got:

[oracle@oel5 patches]$ srvctl stop home -o /u01/app/product/11.2.0/grid -s /tmp/stat.txt
PRCH-1002 : Failed  to stop resources running from  crs home /u01/app/product/11.2.0/grid
PRCH-1030 : one or more resources failed to stop PRCH-1026 : Failed to stop ASM
PRCD-1027 : Failed to retrieve database orcl
PRCD-1035 : orcl is the database unique name of a single instance database, not a cluster database

This is a problem with srvctl and this step must be skipped for non-RAC GI installations as the next step will stop GI. After this README tells you to unlock the grid home:

"You must invoke this script as root user to open protection on GI software files for patch application
      #/crs/install/ -unlock" is the script used for RAC environments. If you have non-RAC GI the script you need to use is After changing with and unlocking the grid home you can continue with applying the patch.

MOS note 1089476.1 explains the steps to patch a non-RAC GI home. Keep this note in mind when you are working on such a system.